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Rainbow Tennis Necklace

Rainbow Tennis Necklace

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This rainbow necklace reminds us of the true meaning of love, made from a multitude of different colors, which combine perfectly with each other.

Love is in fact a carousel of colors: in this sparkling necklace you will find 15 different colors, specially selected to represent and welcome the beauty of diversity that illuminates the world.

We have studied this color combination to reflect the emotions we experience every day, which are equally valid and important for our well-being:
- red is for passion
- orange for enthusiasm
- yellow for optimism
- pink represents romance
- lucky green
- purple by magic and inexplicability
- blue for serenity
- blue for spirituality

Wear this wonderful necklace inspired by Anna Wintour, one of the most powerful figures in fashion, to carry all these different but important feelings with you every day, or give it to your special someone.

This collection was created to raise awareness on the theme "love is love": just as it is perfectly normal to go through different emotions during one's life, we firmly believe that it should be equally normal to be able to fully love our sweetheart, without discrimination of any kind.

Size: 36cm + 5cm chain extension
Plating: 18K Gold / Rhodium
Made with the best quality crystals in the world
Designed and made in Italy


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Our creative process


For us, love is a fundamental value. And equally fundamental is the possibility to express it freely and without discrimination. In line with our corporate culture, we have decided to create a collection characterised by a rainbow of colours which, together in their diversity, create perfect harmony: red for passion, orange for enthusiasmyellow for optimismpink for romancegreen for luckviolet for magic, blue for serenitylight blue for spirituality.


We realised an important nuance of our idea of love as a synonym of 'doing good' by donating some jewellery from this collection for the event organised by Centro Welcomed at the Moscova District Market in Milan. 100% of the proceeds from the sale were donated to support the 'Visita Sospesa' project, which enables less fortunate children and families to benefit from free medical and psychiatric check-ups.


And we did not stop there: the Love is Love collection also flew to New York, to be exhibited and marketed at Flying Solo, the largest department store of independent designers, which brings together exclusive brands with a touch of originality. In this context, our colours attracted several photographers, and were selected for a number of high-profile shoots.