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Baroque Pearl Supernova Earrings

Baroque Pearl Supernova Earrings

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The Supernova earrings with baroque pearl have as protagonistA star that explodes, as a last destructive and spectacular act, giving life to a pearl.

During the explosion the star becomes brighter than an entire galaxy and, metaphorically, the pearl is the legacy. Did you know that 70% of our body is made of stardust?

Size: 2x3 cm
Plating: 18K gold / rhodium
Made with the best quality crystals in the world
Designed and manufactured in Italy


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Our creative process

The design

The creative process starts with an idea, which is transmitted to our creative workshop in Naples, which provides an initial physical prototype. This is a rough product, composed of bezels made in Italy, hand-welded by our experienced master craftsmen.

The realization

After several evolutions and improvements, the final prototype is reached, which is then subjected to a galvanic bath in order to make it a finished, polished and hypoallergenic jewel. The two finishes, selected by us after careful consideration and testing, are yellow gold and rhodium, which guarantee the jewel's versatility and durability.

The hand- embedding

The final stage is the most fun: our bases, combined with the vastness of the colour card proposed by our sole supplier (the world leader in the production of top-quality crystal), allow us to devise new combinations every day, to meet the taste and needs of our customers. Each jewel is unique, because unique is the gesture of the craftsman who created them.