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Ciondolo Bonheur

Ciondolo Bonheur

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Bonheur significa felicità. Quella gioia legata alla consapevolezza che la storia d'amore più lunga e intensa sarà sempre con noi stesse, anche se ancora non abbiamo trovato la nostra anima gemella. Auto-regalati il nostro ciondolo Bonheur, regolabile e resistente grazie alla sua composizione in argento 925, che lo proteggerà dal tempo, mantenendo il suo fascino gioioso.

A noi riempie di gioia anche perché avrà il logo Valentina Davino, e non potremmo essere più emozionate.

Argento 925 placcato oro giallo, argento

Dimensioni: 14mm

Grammi di argento: 2 g


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    Our creative process

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    The design

    The creative process starts with an idea, which initially takes shape in a sketch on a blank sheet of paper; the design is then studied in terms of shape and proportions by our team of experts and finally transposed into a 3D digital prototype.

    The realisation

    The digital prototype is then forwarded to our handicraft workshops located in Tuscany and Valenza for the production of a series of physical prototypes, the best of which will be put into production and marketed.

    In your hands

    The jewellery is shipped in its box, which is the best way to store it, and then carefully sealed in fragrant cardboard packaging to protect it during transport.

    I nostri 5 consigli per la cura dei gioielli in argento

    • Keep your jewellery in a small bag or jewellery box, separate from the others

    • Avoid letting them come into contact with creams, perfumes and detergents

    • Wash them only with neutral soaps or specific silver care products

    • Do not wear them during sports activities

    • Dry them gently with a soft cloth

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