VD Italy was born in November 2015 , but I like to think that it has always existed in my heart. I went from designing the first lines of jewelry in my free time to dedicating myself completely to the brand , and the growth was very fast.

The moment my passion turned into a real company was in London, in September 2016.

After the first events, the first mountains of packages to be shipped and the first brand ambassadors, the turning point happens: an Italian company entrusts me with the design of its jewelry line . Thus the return to Italy, the beginning of a wider production and the meeting with Italian excellences and artisans, the first exhibition at the fair and our sartorial jewels that have had a great response, marketed under the brand of the client company.

I began to think bigger, like a real company : moving to Milan, the beating heart of design and a stimulus in the incessant search for new stylistic trends, investing in packaging and marketing, organizing relationships with suppliers and with logistics.

Then the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine put us to the test : the trade-off between continuing to offer beauty and dealing with the tragedies that the world has experienced. But it was also the first time I started "doing good" and in my small way making a difference for someone, thanks to my work.

So I started supporting charities , first to send aid to the Ukrainian population during the war, then to support the Veronesi Foundation to finance research against cancer, and finally to support Centro Welcomed , which is committed to assisting families in difficulty. . I don't want to stop here, but I'm proud to be able to talk to you more about it here .

I can also say with joy since September the team has expanded : there is an extra heart, two hands and an extra mind; you can finally think bigger and undertake a restyling at the product level, while maintaining the values ​​of craftsmanship and made in Italy , but with a careful selection of Italian artisans , for jewelry - made of 925 silver - increasingly in line with the trends of the moment. 

Finally, we are looking with curiosity and enthusiasm at new foreign markets, to export the real made in Italy outside the Italian borders: our collection has been selected as a brand of Italian excellence with sustainability values ​​by a Fashion Retail Space located in SoHo, New York City.