Se puoi sognarlo, puoi farlo ❤

If you can dream it, you can do it ❤

Keep your dream close to your heart. If it seems impossible, if it makes your hands dirty, if it makes the pillow uncomfortable, it is the right one.
Let me tell you a story: in the mess of words, thoughts, ideas and fingers stained with ink, I will try to choose a starting point. But not just any point, I call it "happy point": that place in the universe where everything is new and exciting; that place where I felt like I could do anything.

I never would have believed that day, perhaps, it would change my life forever. It was a cold December night in Milan. VD ITALY (which didn't have a name yet) knocked on my door. After a few cups of coffee, we hugged and talked. My first jewel took shape. All the energy I had trapped in my soul manifested itself.

The silent voice that I had silenced for 23 years began to whisper to me what my heart already knew. I realized that the predictable future of 110 cum laude at Bocconi was no longer enough for me.

Let's debunk the first myth: creating something "beautiful" isn't enough. There will always be something more beautiful and perfect. I'm not in competition with them. In the fast-fashion era, competition is fierce. Sometimes it's disarming, but sometimes the story and soul you invest in win.

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