How to choose between adjustable and non-adjustable ring?

Come scegliere tra anello regolabile e non?

If you are a ring lover, you are well aware of the dilemmas about the right size , based on the chosen finger on which you will wear the ring.

If, on the one hand, the "classic" rings are closed , forming a circle, a symbol of eternity , on the other it is also true that our hands can have multiple sizes : the difference between one finger and the other, between the knuckle and phalanx, but also based on changes in temperature, swelling in summer (to the point of feeling squeezed by the ring) and "shrinking" in winter (even risking the ring slipping off!).

How to solve this problem?

Simple, choosing an adjustable ring!

An adjustable ring is a ring that is not completely closed but with a small open space on its structure, which allows you to widen or narrow it to find the perfect size for you.

Our adjustable rings are perfect for those looking for versatility , and have many advantages :

  • they are easy to choose and, possibly, to give as gifts
  • they adapt to the size of your fingers, in every season
  • they are resistant thanks to their 925 silver composition
  • they are handcrafted in Italy

However, we must remember that there are three golden rules that must still be respected:

  1. If subjected to too much force, the ring risks breaking. We therefore recommend, once you have found the right size, not to touch the base again .
  2. Maintain shape . If you need to widen the ring a lot, it is advisable to do it on a conical base, so as not to make the structure oval.
  3. It is 925 silver. Therefore, for correct conservation, remember to remove the rings when you wash your hands , use soap or disinfectant gels.

So, is it better to choose an adjustable ring or not?

Adjustable rings are ideal , especially for those who struggle every day to fit the ring on their finger or for those who have even stopped wearing them because the ones they have no longer fit for various reasons.

In our opinion, it is therefore better to buy an adjustable ring that allows you to show off a beautiful jewel on every occasion .

So, if it's an adjustable ring you're looking for, come and take a look at our collection of adjustable rings !

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