Happy 2nd VDBirthday

[4] 18.12.17 - Happy 2nd VDBirthday

When, about two years ago, I created the first jewel for fun, I never thought I'd be here today to celebrate my second birthday!

I don't like talking about passion or intuition, VD Italy is an impulse, an inevitable instinct. It is I who read and write a story every day, not a love story, just a story. One of those that I love to tell so much, a story of rain and sun, of waiting and passion, of friendship and sharing, of time and construction, of harmony and misunderstandings, of silences and noises. It's not a love story, it's just a story. With love inside, of course. Or maybe it's just love, with a story inside. 

Or maybe it's just a crazy girl who, after having seen somewhere in the world and tried 3-4 jobs, has realized that beautiful things smell of home, of rediscovered affections, of small gestures of care, of inner balance. 

It all started by breaking and reassembling mom's old pieces of jewelry, with a budget that if you think back, not even a shell seller in Zanzibar. Yet, I remember the care with which I pampered and nurtured that little draft, convinced that sooner or later something good would come out of it.

The point, if I stop and think, given that the end of the year is near and we add a little bit to everything, is that I really don't know where VD came from. I have never had a precise dream about "being an entrepreneur": it is something that has fallen upon me and if I think about the roles I play, I am scared just to say them. 

It's not all simple, you have to protect yourself, you have to earn the trust and respect of other entrepreneurs, older, often more experienced and above all men. If you are 25 years old and you are a woman, there is none, you have to tear down a few more walls. 

If today you ask me how I am, how I feel, I answer: happy. Going beyond a wall, what concerns the predefined categories of success, results and approval "erga omnes", I am almost a black sheep but, without saying it, I am really happy and, on the pillow next to me every night, I carry a magical incomprehensible creature who bears my initials and who always manages, despite fatigue, to square the circle, to give meaning to the rest, to make the heart beat faster and the brain to go crazy, to create. 

In the last 365 days, sleepless nights have not been rare, wake up in the dark to give life to an idea that does not want to wait for the first light of dawn. So looking back, those 12 hours a day working "as an employee" seem so few in comparison and I understand that it's true, Lori Greiner is right: "Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week."

And so, two years later, which at times seems like an eternity and at times it seems a few moments have elapsed, I discover that I have realized a dream that I did not know I had and with anxious enthusiasm, I can't wait to discover what will come, with the certainty that "If you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to help build his.” 

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