[8] 22.07.2019 - VD loves VOGUE JAPAN 🇯🇵

[8] 22.07.2019 - VD loves VOGUE JAPAN 🇯🇵

I never thought I'd be in Vogue less than four years after my first handcrafted jewel.

Here's how it happened.

I was walking in the heat when I saw an Asian girl. She asked me to stop and smile for a Vogue Japan photo.

I was skeptical at first, but she had a photographer with her. I posed for an online Vogue Japan insert with loose makeup and unkempt hair. 

M. told me everything is written in Japanese, so I used Google Translate to understand that Vogue, the top fashion magazine, calls me a "jewelry designer."

 PS. The necklace can be purchased at this link 


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