[10] 7 Buoni motivi per scegliere un gioiello fatto a mano.

[10] 7 Good reasons to choose a handmade jewel.

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Good reasons to choose a handmade jewel: UNIQUENESS

An artist designs, creates and finishes the product.

In large jewelery productions, machinery can produce one hundred if not a thousand pieces of products per hour.

Otherwise the artist tries to focus on the object by giving it design and uniqueness, very few people in the world will be able to wear a jewel similar (but never identical) to yours.

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Good reasons to choose a handmade jewel: THE VALUE OF TIME

The designer, not making use of machines, takes time to produce just a single model of jewel. Sometimes it takes hours just to think about the design, to create a prototype that combines style and harmony, weeks to produce and finish it.

The search for techniques and materials is a fun, continuous and sometimes stressful exercise

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Good reasons to choose a handmade jewel: THE MATERIALS

The components are carefully chosen and very different from those used in large-scale production: carefully selecting the supplier guarantees innovation, respect for the environment and very high manufacturing quality standards.

I have been collaborating for years with my suppliers, leading companies closely linked with mine, of which I have deep esteem and admiration, to the point of knowing in detail shapes, sizes, colors, effects. Those in the picture are only 3 of the over 12 sizes we use and the colors are available in various categories of effects (shimmer, delite, laquer pro, transparent, powder). I know them by heart, I am almost obsessed with them and, at each launch, I am thrilled to receive news.
Today more than ever it is my window to the world, my breath of pure air.

Did you know that, to have a wide and varied catalog like ours, including shapes, colors and sizes, we have 644 different references and that, from time to time, some components go out of production, automatically making the jewels we produce an edition limited and not reproducible, therefore rare?
Have you ever thought that perhaps the real luxury is to keep a piece, which contains passion, research and exclusivity?

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Good reasons to choose a handmade jewel: THE TECHNIQUE.

Learning, internalizing and developing one's own way of working, mixing "traditional" passages and experimenting with others of their own and unconventional ones, inserting elements that are perfectly complementary to one's own and often available only in small local manufacturing companies ... here, this is only part of the activity daily that an entrepreneur like me carries out.

Did you know that, to create a jewel like the one in the photo, the actors involved are at least five, and the phases are often long and complex? That tests during a period such as covid expand the "time-to-market" exponentially?

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Good reasons to choose a handmade jewel: SUPPORT OF THE SMALL ITALIAN WORKSHOPS.

Even if the production of jewelry is not entirely handmade and some of the components are mass-produced by large companies, it is good to know that those who make handmade products have a small business that over the years is increasingly disappearing.

Copying and reducing quality costs much less than designing and choosing components and labor with taste and refinement: today more than ever it is good to support a sector that will become more and more rare and difficult to support year after year.

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Good reasons to choose a handmade jewel: TRUE BEAUTY.

They say it is in the eye of the observer and I like to think that some of you can see it among the defects of our jewels.

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