[6] 28.03.2019 - # SemperPiùVicine 💌

[6] 28.03.2019 - #SemprePiùVicine 💌

In recent months I have often been elusive: I needed to understand, to rationalize. 

It was always a little early to tell you about it, I wasn't so sure it was okay.

Instead, even this time it is nice to be able to tell you that dreams often come true thanks to people and that small dose of luck, mixed with recklessness. 

In my path I have happened to meet people who have belittled, underestimated, exploited me.

“It is part of the game” - they tell me - but I add that it is up to us to interrupt what weighs down and hinders / slows down our flight.

However, for every negative presence, there are as many people who do not judge but understand, who do not take advantage but value, who ask before jumping to hasty conclusions, who are happy to see you realize your dream, with or without them.

These are the people I have decided to surround myself with, even at the cost of appearing selective and unfriendly with all the others. 

And thanks to one of these people, whom I met in January, you can find me in numerous stores in Sicily and Sardinia. 

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