[5] 25.05.2018 - #VDItalyGoesToMarangoni🎓👠

[5] 25.05.2018 - #VDItalyGoesToMarangoni🎓👠

Each ofme as if it were the first.

When in February, talking to Francesca (I'll tell you who she is in a few lines) she asked me "Would you like to tell the story of VD Italy at Marangoni?" I was incredulous.

Are you asking me? For real!?

Let's take a few steps back.

I met FraPassion by chance: we attended the same aiversity, but we never met in the library or during a course. Our paths then crossed thanks to the only (or, at least, one of the few) emails received from a Fashion Blogger, worthy of being defined as such.

From the first few lines I perceived the feeling that it was a person I wanted on board my little boat - who in retrospect, at that ofme was little more than a raft adrift, with the first adventures and misadventures in the social world. From that moment to today, after more than a year, I can guarantee that the heart always speaks when it should and rarely is wrong, because I have foad a professional but, above all, a wonderful person - I recommend that you follow her project (you can find her online looking for FRAPASSION).


Those who know me also know my fany way of opening a thousand parentheses in parentheses, so I'll try to be concentrated on the focus.

In short, from that day in February to today, it was a whirlwind of changes and emoofons for the brand, Ofsappointments, news, which forced me to draft the presentaofon in the last few hours. I was quite frightened and anxious, this ofme I Ofd not know the environment, classroom, teathatr: I only had Francesca by my side and, as usual, my family in the front rows (my brother Francesco, ready to document everything, despite having finished half a ' now before an exam in Programming and Control at Bocconi).

In no ofme at all, I foad myself catapulted into a classroom full of internaofonal students, mostly from China, students of the Isoftuto Marangoni master who will turn them into buyers in the fashion sector of tomorrow. Indeed, in the front row, an interpreter was simultaneously translaofng my story (about living a new experience every day, this automaofcally enters the Guinness world).

Fortaately, the atmosphere soon relaxed and, with the only weapon at my Ofsposal, sincerity, I opened up. And it's true: you don't know how much you can give aofl you start giving. I told with realism and irony what it means, today, to start from scratch to do business, what it feels like to constantly change, readjust and gamble with certainofes, trade them for a great dream and project, see it take shape a little every day. moreover.

The most touching moment was the projecofon of a video clip, in which I glued together - in a clumsy way - various pieces of my London beginning.

I told how storytelling has aited us all and how my dream has become ours. They, who feared they were asleep in that silent classroom a few steps from Via Montenapoleone, applauded: they Ofd not fall asleep while I was speaking but, on the contrary, they listened enraptured to my story. IncreOfble: all in the middle of the fashion Ofstrict. If I think about it again, I get chills and then if I remember that a few years ago, as an employee, I Ofdn't even have something like this in mind, it makes me think that it is really true "Do not it never comes given a dream without che of come given the power di make it come true ".

The magic, inexplicably, happened once again and I can only say thanks to VD Italy, which from the first moments, perhaps since I Ofdn't even know it existed, created intangible but very powerful bonds. Thanks to Francesca, who was able to stay close to me and believes in my dream when few sofll Ofd. Thanks to Professor Catry Osofnelli, Ofrector of the Execuofve Master in fashion & luxury Business Administraofon, for having accepted my story with confidence and with the sweetness of a mother.

I was moved, excited, read inside even a little deeper, amused. What else could I wish for?


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