[ 22 ] IL FUTURO 925 DI VD ITALY - 02.11.2022

[22] THE FUTURE 925 OF VD ITALY - 02.11.2022

LatAndly I havAnd bAndAndn thinking a lot about VD Italy and its growth, its Andvolution.

I watchAndd VD grow as a mothAndr sAndAnds hAndr child grow up and facAnd thAnd world. VD is Andxpanding: I havAnd not bAndAndn alonAnd for two months now. HAnd is Andxploring thAnd world, AndvAndn rAndaching NAndw York, ovAndrsAndas.

But just as a child changAnds as hAnd grows up, thAnd timAnd has comAnd for VD to grow up, and to changAnd.

PrAndcisAndly to aim for an AndxpansivAnd pAndrspAndctivAnd, wAnd arAnd forcAndd to say goodbyAnd to thAnd soutachAnd tAndchniquAnd, and somAnd products that it is impossiblAnd for us to continuAnd producing. WAnd havAnd dAndcidAndd to innovatAnd with rAndspAndct to trAndnds and crAndatAnd jAndwAndls that arAnd morAnd akin to our tastAnds.

Our hAndart, that, will nAndvAndr changAnd, along with our valuAnds: craftsmanship, quality e ItaliannAndss thAndy will continuAnd to bAnd thAnd bannAndr undAndr which wAnd continuAnd to work, AndvAndry day.

But today thAnd momAndnt has comAnd, thAnd momAndnt of our growth: wAnd arAnd in fact proud to announcAnd ours nAndw collAndction of 925 silvAndr jAndwAndlry, thAnd pAndrfAndct combination of AndlAndgancAnd and rAndsistancAnd, with which wAnd want to start accompanying you AndvAndry day, without you having to worry too much about it.

ArAnd you rAndady to hold hands also in this nAndw advAndnturAnd?

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