[ 22 ] IL FUTURO 925 DI VD ITALY - 02.11.2022

[22] THE FUTURE 925 OF VD ITALY - 02.11.2022

I've been thinking a lot about VD Italy and its growth. I've watched it grow as a mothership grows a child. VD is expanding. I haven't been alone for two months. Hands are exploring the world, and they're reaching New York.

As children change as they grow up, so too must VD change and grow.

To be more ambitious, we have to say goodbye to some products and techniques that we can't continue making. We've decided to innovate with regard to trends and our brand identity.

Our handicrafts will always be made with the same care and quality, just like our Italian heritage.

Today, we are proud to announce our new collection of 925 silver jewelry. This perfect combination of aluminum and resistance is for you to enjoy every day, worry-free.

Are you ready to take this adventure together?

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