[ 21 ] MEG X VD ITALY: FACIAL SHAPE - 17.10.2022

[ 21 ] MEG X VD ITALY: FACIAL SHAPE - 17.10.2022

As promised, our cooperation with MeG Image Consultants (meg_imageconsultants) continua! And, this time, we have the honor of working with Emmanuel Di Maria (@emdimaria_illustration), who created the beautiful illustrations you are about to see.

In fact, we have once again joined our forces and our minds to create a complete earrings proposal that can help you once you have determined your face shape: knowing the shape and proportions of your face is essential to understand the make-up, cut of hair, but above all the most suitable accessory for yourself.


It is characterized by the wide upper part of the face (forehead and temples), in contrast to the chin, which is pointed, and the evident cheekbones. The earrings that enhance this face are the ones that come to sides of the chin, inserting volume in the lower part to balance it with the high one. For this we propose i Circle of LifeEarrings.



It is short and full, without any angularity and equally developed in height and width. We have to streamline the soft lines: excellent for this i Rainbow Snake.


The oblong face is clearly more developed in height than in width, with hollow cheekbones. Here we must bring theattention in the central part, nose height: excellent i Pearls Candies.




The oval face is slightly more developed in height; the upper and lower part of the face have the same extension. The game, this time, is choosing earrings that enhance this harmony repeating the oval shape. Our proposal are the Heart Navette Earrings which, thanks to their small oval-shaped crystals, enhance this shape.


It starts with a narrow forehead, ends in a pointed chin, and widens in the middle, with broad cheekbones. Here our suggestion is to bring attention precisely to the wonderful cheekbones of this linear and minute face. Nothing better than Teardrops!



It is a short face, developed equally horizontally and vertically; the jaw is marked and the features are straight. Need harmonize the squared lines, while giving softness: excellent for these Xirius Valentine.

Now that you are familiar with the shapes of the face, we can only wish you… happy shopping!

VD Italy

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