[15] The team is growing - 01.09.2022

[ 15 ] Il team si allarga - 01.09.2022

Eight years ago, thinking I could hire someone to work with me seemed like a distant dream.

The company has been doing very well since then, and we have grown together. I learned what it means to manage an entire world on my own, bouncing from suppliers to customers, from production to shipping, to after-sales service, to communication.

Over time, however, I realized that I have so many wonderful projects, but not enough time to carry them all on. For this reason I approached the Catholic University, looking for an intern who could "keep up with me", literally, in everything I do.

Because for me, having been "on the other side", it is really important to teach in the round what, in the future, could be a huge wealth of knowledge and experience for those who have collaborated with me.

A reply email, an interview on Skype, and here I am Simona: 23 years old, from Lecco, was looking for a “challenging” internship, which she could also carry out while continuing her course of studies; an internship that could put her on the field, that could make her observe the daily challenges that those who manage the communication of a company face every day, that could convey the entrepreneurial gaze, with the necessary insights to be able to communicate well, online.

I asked Simona what her expectations and impressions are for this internship, and her answer really moved me:

"I was really scared at the thought of having to find myself in a big company, overworked, with inflexible schedules and a great, cold distance from the tutors."

What I found with Valentina was quite the opposite: from our first call it seemed to me that I was talking to a friend, who gives a lot of importance to what I can learn from this experience, and not in a single task, but with a 360 ° view of the entire life of the company, and which is very attentive to the possibility for me to attend university.

In fact, he set my work by objectives, and not by hours, and I think that, especially in this sector, it can really make a difference, not only in terms of greater job satisfaction, but also for results, which are organized by be as satisfying as possible, and not to be smeared to cover the 4 hours a day of work.

Let's talk about a real collaboration: spur my creativity, listen (and follow!) my advice, she corrects me when I'm wrong, but never being rude.

I couldn't have asked for anything better ”.

And here we are, ready to pull out of the drawer all the projects temporarily put aside, to activate and improve communication and, in general, to grow VD Italy in the best possible way, together.

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