[ 16 ] GIOIELLI E ARMOCROMIA - 08.09.2022

[16] JEWELS AND ARMOCROMY - 08.09.2022

It all started almost by chance, just like the best things start.

Destiny wanted my friends to give me a session of armocromia and so, even if at first a bit skeptical, I approached what I later discovered to be a wonderful world.

Thanks to the girls of MeG I discovered my season, but above all I discovered which colors allow me to enhance myself to the fullest. Maria and Giuditta, the two girls from MeG, are full of ideas and energy and we quickly got in tune.

This is exactly how the project was born: we decided to work in synergy to offer those who have chosen to discover their season bespoke jewels that perfectly respond to the season and to the sub-group to which they belong.

Often, at the end of an armocromia session, there is a lot of confusion, and many items in the wardrobe that are not in palette, but which we would never want to give up. That's why the Jun can come to our aidSummer Necklacethese accessories, such as necklaces and earrings that, framing the face, harmonize our outfit with our chromatic mix, giving a new life to our wardrobe that we feared being off-color, allowing a more sustainable approach to the world of fashion.

It is an ambitious and innovative project that has given us a day immersed in lights and colors, during which we have meticulously cataloged my entire color chart of the highest quality crystals in the world, color by color, without exception, analyzing their intensity, temperature and depth, up to the most satisfactory result: theexact division of the crystals by season of belonging, and then by dominant.

It is a precious study, which will allow anyone who has done a color-coordinated session to choose the green, pink, yellow, blue… more suitable for themselves.

The first jewelry release is already available on the site, and contains our first proposal of must-have accessories for your season: you can find necklaces, earrings and bracelets Winter Earrings"Armocromatici" at this link: https://www.vditaly.com/pages/armocromia.

But it's not over yet: soon some will arrive specific starter kit by season and subgroup, aimed at further simplifying the process of harmonizing their outfits.

If you haven't found out what your season is yet, you can turn to Maria and Giuditta di MeG which, in addition to guiding you with professionalism during the session, will be able to give you a few hours of empathy and relaxation and above all the tools to acquire a new knowledge of yourself, and some "tricks in the hole" to bring out more of your natural beauty.

If, on the other hand, you have already done an armocromia session with MeG, contact them again to receive it discount dedicated to you and visit the "Armocromia" section of our site, where you can find a collection of products designed especially for you.

You can contact MeG directly on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/meg_imageconsultants/?hl=en or by mail to megmyexclusiveguide@gmail.com.

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