[ 14 ] Il team è pronto ad allargarsi - 22.06.2022

[14] The team is ready to expand. - 22.06.2022

I write these lines in the grip of that classic feeling of fear and enthusiasm, which I have known well since that evening in December when an unknown woman wrote to me to buy the first pair of my super naive first earrings. 

Since then, one change at a time, this little creature has blown out candles, accompanied brides, sisters, mothers, distant friends because of the covid, who could not hug. It conveyed messages of love and hope, overcame the increase in the costs of gold and raw materials, the delays in deliveries when couriers were congested and the artisan workshop blocked due to Covid. 

I have to admit, I've always had someone with whom to vent anxieties and frustrations, with whom to share joys, but no one in the world besides me has ever woken up every morning and set the gears of this wonderful creature in motion, even when everything, but I mean everything, he suggested, “it's not worth it, drop everything”.

But instead - I discovered in the last two years - what really makes the difference is not technical skill nor creativity, but PERSEVERANCE.

And I knew in my heart, in those dark moments, that this phase would come. A bit like how it came that day, years ago, while I was having brunch in London, when that unmissable opportunity had put me in front of a choice: to leave my "real job" and turn that little dream into my own. work (if "choice" we can define it, since my heart had already decided long before it happened).

In reality, at that stage we were only waiting for the right moment: right for me, but above all for my fears. 

You know, not everyone has the right to be 100% courageous: for someone, like me for example, failure cannot exist, because my plan B does not exist. Not outside, but inside of me. I imagine myself full of wrinkles designing jewels and dreaming of selling them on the other side of the world, even when that day the technology will be so advanced that it needs "new generations" to be able to keep up.

For this reason, before taking a step, I try to protect my little creature, avoiding exposing it to potential or real risks.

Here, today that feeling of years ago in London is back: the feeling of having to create a deeper change. I need two hands and an extra heart, to pamper this dream a little better, to accompany it more and more wisely in its flight.

Today, more than ever, that immature girl who has grown up in 5 years, has decided to learn to share anxieties, stresses, deadlines, responsibilities, joys, successes, ideas.

By now the lead time between a project, from conception to its execution, has expanded too much. What was a strong point, namely being "alone", with a lean structure, today means making the triple pike jump, to end up being suffocated by a thousand commitments and accumulating unforgivable delays. 

So, my dear "intern-to-be", I am waiting for you in this wonderful chaos that continues to excite me, challenge me, help me see the world again with the eyes of a child, like the first day. 

I will look for the passion in you, the love for beauty and that pinch of madness that I will recognize immediately! I wish you with all my heart to find in VD a magical world, in which to express yourself, your ideas; I wish you that my world can excite you, challenge you, prepare you for what in life you wish to pursue!

I wait for you, with an open heart<3

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