[ 13 ] VD Italy torna in Bocconi - 15.11.2021

[13] VD Italy is back at Bocconi on 11/15/2021.

On November 15th, for the second time, I had the privilege of telling the story of VD Italy at Bocconi. 
A place of strong emotions, stimuli, where I found my place in the world for the first time in 2009.
Memories that seemed long ago faded resurface bursting and clear in this moment. The first lessons in CLEAM class 4, the math exam 1 very complicated for me, the first seed of the entrepreneur who began to germinate in me when it came to scarce resources, sustainable competitive advantage and entrepreneurial risk. 
I believed, in 2014, that the exams would end, but 7 years after the end of the university course, the real challenges have arisen out of the Bocconi lions and the obstacles are precisely the
engine of change, an element of my entrepreneurial routine that I love.
I have told the entrepreneur Vale without filters, without excluding confidential details and with an open heart: I like to do so. I was called to relive the challenges and opportunities of covid. Reflect on where I see myself, where I would like to be. 
I take this opportunity to express in a few lines my gratitude for the invitation received from prof. Fabio Zona, my professor of Business Administration and Management - first exam, first year as a freshman Cleam Bocconi.
Finally, I thank all the freshmen, who listened to me with curiosity and interacted, giving me lots of food for thought and growth. 
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