[ 12 ] Ti dico una cosa nell’orecchio

[12] I've got something to tell you in private.

The perfect gift, especially these days, can't be found in stores. So, give attention: turn off the phone and TV. Listen to what he says, but also to what's in his heart. Donate time: quality time to spend together, to do that thing you've always put off. The gift of words: give a story, a poem, or words that tell how precious a creature is for you and how much a handmade jewel can make it different from anyone else.
Give the gift of knowledge of the hands: give something handmade, that someone has made with love.
Give a hug: any hug longer than 11 seconds is the equivalent of a long life elixir.
It gives acceptance: the freedom to act without being judged, the lightness of having nothing to prove and being able to be loved for what one is.
I'll tell you something in your ear: all these gifts, mixed together according to an ancient art, take the form of a wonderful jewel, born with care, attention, and love, from my heart and from the hands of passionate artisans.
Giving a VD Italy jewel is good for your heart, mine, and some family who lives and dreams thanks to your Christmas gifts.
You can also find our Christmas Gift Box on the site until 12/25/21. It contains a surprise jewel that's perfectly packaged for the surprise effect under the tree. 
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