[11] Green commitment is not an abstract concept.

[11] Green commitment non è un concetto astratto.

Since VD Italy began, we've wondered about emissions, waste, and the impact of a company with packaging, couriers, and products.

One night, we watched a boring late-night program about the future of the world. It talked about the melting of glaciers and plastic waste that are polluting the seas and destroying ecosystems. I came up with a Norwegian speech during the trip to Lofoten.
"As temperatures rise, it will be harder to see the Northern Lights."
That speech touched me. Nature gives us amazing things, and we destroy them.
Two years later, people are starting to collect packaging more often. It's great to see neighbors and colleagues helping out. It's a chance to work together for a good cause.

We want to tell you about our packaging. Each one is unique. We take care of sanitizing and transforming them. We hide the writings and resize them to take up as little space as possible. Are you happy with eco-friendly packaging or would you prefer a more standard experience?
The photo above is from November 2018.

A lot of plastic packaging that would have ended up in the trash. New plastic released into the environment.
A few days later, after returning from that trip to Norway, I started taking small daily actions to care for the world.
The first step was to gradually stop using plastic packaging and start using recycled cartons instead.

At first, I felt embarrassed to collect cans in supermarkets or inquire about delivery times in shopping centers. I had to find new suppliers of recycled packaging. Over time, it became fun. I was helping the environment and businesses. I had more solid and less polluting packaging. Other businesses had to dispose of less paper packaging.
The "win-win" result from Bocconi's mother was starting to happen.

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