[11] Green commitment non è un concetto astratto.

[11] Green commitment is not an abstract concept.

Since VD Italy has existed, we have always asked ourselves questions about emissions, waste, the impact that a commercial company, with packaging, couriers and physical products can have.

Days ago, in one of the classic “sofa and tv” evenings of the covid period, we came across one of those boring late night programs, in which we talked about the future of the world if we don't settle it.

About the melting of glaciers and plastic waste that are submerging us, polluting the seas, destroying ecosystems.
And so I came up with a Norwegian speech during the trip to Lofoten.
"As temperatures rise, it will be increasingly difficult to witness the Northern Lights in the years to come."
I remember that speech had touched me a lot: nature gives us incredible spectacles and we destroy them.

Since then, two years later, the first sporadic collection of packaging has become more systematic and involves all the people closest to us. It often happens that neighbors and colleagues proactively give their contribution and it is a splendid opportunity for positive collaboration: to feel part of a small, great revolution.

We wanted to tell you about this phase that is important to us: not only are jewels unique, but also each packaging will never be the same as another.
We personally take care of sanitizing and transforming them, we dedicate time to hide the writings and resize them, so as to take up as little space as possible in the gls vans that every day deal with delivering the wonders you have been choosing on our site for years.
What do you think of it? Are you happy to receive eco-friendly packaging or would you prefer a more standard experience?

The photo above is from November 2018.

A lot of plastic packages, which would have ended up in the waste bin of each of you. New plastic released into the environment.
A few days later, after returning from that trip to Norway, I silently began to undertake small daily actions of care and respect for the world that was given to us.
The first step, the most drastic, was to gradually abandon plastic packaging, gradually replacing them with recycled cartons.

At first I felt embarrassed to collect cans around in supermarkets or inquire about the delivery time in shopping centers (I must say that the perfumeries of the shopping centers in our area were my first real supplier of recycled packaging).
Over time it became almost fun: after all, the circle was beginning to close.
An advantage for the environment and for companies: I had more solid and less polluting packaging and other businesses would have had to dispose of a smaller amount of paper packaging.
The famous “win-win” result learned from Bocconi's mother was beginning to materialize.

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