[7] 8.05.2019 - Meet Your Future 💌

[7] 8.05.2019 - Meet Your Future 💌

I had been waiting for May 8 for months. I tried to be ready.

Sponsoring such an important event in an exclusive location was a strong stimulus but also a source of anxiety. This time, though, I felt less alone in this chapter.

The organizers supported me at every stage.
There was lots of laughter, chatting, misunderstandings and small mishaps (like the rain).

Today, I smile at the imperfect parts.

“Alone you go fast, together you go far”: I read this years ago and it represented the growth I was experiencing.

Today, looking back, I realize that the most important value is sharing.

I thank my driver, consultant, and cameraman, Francesco, my brand ambassador Frapassion, and my love. I'll tell you about the rest of the reasons tonight.


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