[7] 8.05.2019 - Meet Your Future 💌

[7] 8.05.2019 - Meet Your Future 💌

I had been waiting for May 8 for months and in silence, day and night, I tried to be ready [materially and above all emotionally].

Sponsoring such an important event, in an exclusive location, alongside much more structured realities than mine, was a strong stimulus but (from other points of view) a source of anxiety. This time, however, although far from home and the laboratory, I felt less alone in this chapter.

The organizers, the fantastic members of the Advocacy & Litigation association supported me at every stage, with commitment, friendliness and great professionalism.

There was no lack of laughter, chatter, misunderstandings and small misfortunes (such as the omnipresent drizzle).

Today, in retrospect, it is precisely the less "perfect" parts that make me smile.

“Alone you go fast, together you go far”: I happened to read this sentence years ago and it fully represented the moment of growth I was experiencing.

Today, however, looking backstage and retracing the hours and hours, leafing through the photos, I realize that the most important value that remains after those moments is precisely the memory of sharing.


I thank my wonderful driver, consultant in the early stages of setting up and cameraman (as well as brother) Francesco, my brand ambassador Frapassion, who is now much more than a simple friend and last, but not least, my love, which makes me laugh and (I don't want to be honeyed) the rest of the reasons then I'll tell you about them tonight.


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